Sardines Part II

002sardines PD

Fresh tomato and basil with a little bit of olive oil “tamed” these sardines a bit.

It is a delicious way to eat sardines and I would add some toasted French bread to add texture and taste.

Sardines are simply too healthy, and too economical to not include in our daily diet.

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Sardines! The New “It” Food. But how to make them Sexy!?

047sardines and avocado with brown mustard dressing on arugula PD

With more omega 3 than salmon, vitamin D and coenzyme Q, there is no denying the health benefits of sardines.

I am just trying to make them more appealing!

I can and do eat them out of the can, with mustard on toast, I’ve eaten them out of tubes and from tins of “paste”.

But I realize that most people won’t do this. And even I want to sit down and enjoy my healthy food with a little romance and the beauty of the presentation!

I threw together a brown mustard/olive oil dressing and mixed it with arugula and added 1/2 a sliced avocado to 1 can of water packed sardines and add a sqeeze of half a lemon.

The flavors worked well together to create not just a tasty but highly nutritious meal which is also quite low in calories. 360 total. Nutrient dense for sure!

Check out this article for Reasons to eat sardines

048sardines and avocado with brown mustard dressing on arugulaPD

Some have long been aware of the health benefits of eating sardines. In a 1984 issue of the Town & Country magazine, James Villas wrote an article entitled “The Unsung Sardine” in which he said that “ounce for ounce, sardines provide more calcium and phosphorus than milk, more protein than steak, more potassium than bananas, and more iron than cooked spinach.”

049sardines and avocado with browmn mustard dressing on arugula PD

Sardines are also a highly sustainable little fish which contains fewer toxins than it’s bigger fish friends.

sardines and avocado with brown mustard dressing on arugula PD


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