5 Reasons Sportsbook.com is the Better Poker Option for Beginners

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Even the most talented chefs had to first learn to boil an egg. Cooking is an arduous and tough-to-master craft, as is becoming a top-tier poker player. Everyone has to start out somewhere. Luckily, there are aids that offer assistance in the development of your respective craft. Online poker is a huge sector of the online community and it can be intimidating stepping onto the platform as a beginner. You will be faced with the decision of where to start. Sportsbook.com is a beginner-friendly site that eases the transition into the online poker world.
1. It’s User-Friendly

Sportsbook poker is extremely user-friendly. Whereas other poker interfaces are like attempting to operate an airplane, Sportsbook’s poker interface is like settling behind the wheel of an automatic-transmission car. Beginners don’t have to spend hours attempting to learn how to utilize the platform because everything is self-explanatory. Even seasoned players appreciate the simplicity of the platform.

2. No Deposit Required

Users don’t have to make a deposit before being able to play through Sportsbook. With many other sites, deposits are required and those deposits have to be used within a short period of time. With Sportsbook, individuals can simply start playing. It takes just a few minutes to download sportsbook.com, and then you’re ready to play.

3. Realistic Graphics

Sportsbook’s poker rooms feature realistic graphics with players that have mannerisms and demeanors similar to those you’d find in your local casino. The game play is much more realistic than some of the other sites, making the overall experience more enjoyable for beginners and experts alike. The richly textured backgrounds and high quality graphics make playing at Sportsbook fun and interesting.

4. Competitive Promotions

Sportsbook is competitive with their promotions, offering huge bonuses for first deposits. In fact, the current promotion offers up to 200% of the first deposit, up to $2000. They also have the Ace High VIP Program, which allows you to get all kinds of rewards and cash back as you move through the levels. This keeps things interesting and keeps the stakes high for all players.

5. Tournaments

Sportsbook has a healthy amount of tournaments, with more than $100,000 in payouts each week in addition to the $250,000 tournament each month. The website offers different tournament formats so you can choose your favorites. Just a few options include the Lightning and Kamikaze tournaments.

Sportsbook.com has a service comparable to even the biggest names in the online poker industry. They’re the best option for beginners and remain the favorite option among more seasoned players, making them a serious force in online poker.


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