Michael Pollan on The Daily Show: “Eat Food”

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Michael Pollan explains the health industry/food industry connection with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.


New Years Resolutions and Eating Better in 2010!


Most people are planning to make resolutions and big changes for the upcoming year.

Some of these changes will be borne out of neccessity because finances force us to spend our food dollars more efficiently.

While some resolutions will aim to improve our health and consume in ways that don’t harm the planet.

So, whether you simply want to look and feel better or need to remake your budget there is a way to do both.

Eating well is eating simply and Michael Pollan has made that easier with “Food Rules” that are short and sweet.

And if reading is too much trouble check out this video on foods that you should be eating to improve your health from the book, The 10 Things You Need to Eat starting with beets!

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