Mindful Management of Food

Courtesy of Public Domain by Peggy Greb

The wonderful thing about being human is all that one has in common with other humans. Just as equally though despite this commonality each of us is unique in the details. Our bodies and minds have different needs and ways of digesting, staying healthy or growing. What fuels us is what we eat. Much study,and writing has been done about food, eating, health, and weight. Unfortunately we have prioritized weight as the deciding factor instead of health. One needs to pull back and look at the big picture. Each of our bodies has amazing strengths and the same body will have definite weaknesses. Much of our health depends on knowing how our body responds and reacts to stress, disease, food, chemicals or age.

Access to Information

It is now critical to get access to information on your individual issues or needs. Prepaid phones makes an excellent tool for tracking a diet, getting information on your particular body type, finding recipes, or restaurants that serve food that is healthy for your body. The Pantry Diaries is a great example of this. This site gives information on recipes, ways to deal with your body, and information on a gluten-free diet.


A prepaid phone on an iPhone platform would give one access to the Nutrition Menu 1.4.0. Made specifically to give information on at least 33,000 menu items for 320 restaurants in Canada and the United States this app lists fat, calories,carbs, sugar, sodium, and protein. It tracks calories and lets one subtract calories burned during exercise. One does not need Wi-Fi to use it.

iMuscle 1.2 lets one create a workout plan. It provides 450 exercises, ways to stretch, and lifts at your finger tips and from your pocket. A 3-D muscle man appears for a visual representation of what one needs to do. Tap on the biceps and it will zoom in on that muscle group. A scroll bar will list the possible exercises one may want to use to develop strength and refinement. Another screen groups exercise according to the muscle group they will affect. The 3D man goes as far as showing you how to do the exercises.


This platform offers a specific program to help promote a healthy aging called Cenegenics Lifestyle mobile apps. The online tracking program comes interactive with age appropriate information and even offers a counselor that advises nutrition and exercise options. Promoted by a medical institute the app has a patient-medical team interactivity so one is not alone in tailoring diet and exercise needs.

ImmunityBoosters app creates ones own personal defending army. An efficient immune system is the key factor in preventing infection and illness. Stress, a poor diet, smoking or other excesses, pollutions and toxins all work to weaken immunity. The app lists documented foods as immunity boosters. Then it gives information on the vitamin and mineral content and what it helps.

Now one can do mindful management of what matters in their food intake easily.


Garden Lunch

garden lunch

This was my first meal from my garden. This was my first attempt at a garden! It was actually thrilling to grow my own cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and basil and construct these humble ingredients into a healthful meal. I felt invigorated all day with these wholesome foods in my belly.

I never realized that I would be so deeply affected by something so simple, so primal. Is this how our ancestors felt? Does this feeling explain the elaborate and brutal ritual sacrifice practices of ancient cultures? Did they realize the tenuous and fragile balance of nature which allowed them to produce food? Were they in awe? Were they grateful?

I wonder if we would be more humble, more grateful for our food if we were more deeply connected to it. Would we eat as much meat if we had to raise, care for, and slaughter animals ourselves? Would we value the complex nutritional components of vegetables and legumes if we watched them grow and saw the sun and rain turning tiny seeds into beautiful plants and fruits?

When you can taste the sunshine in a tomato do you not feel completely connected to the Universe?
I did. If just for a moment I was grateful.

Cherry Tomatoes with Cucumbers and Basil
Cherry Tomatoes
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Lemon juice

Chop, toss together, drizzle with olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice.

Tuna Steak with Peppers

4 oz Tuna steak fresh or frozen

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees
Chop pepper and garlic. Place tuna on foil (enough to completely wrap).
Toss pepper and garlic on top, sprinkle with sea salt. Add a drizzle of olive oil. Wrap completely. Place in oven and cook until the tuna is right where you like it!


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