When in Doubt…..Bake

019 dulce de leche cheesecake PD

001 cupcakes PD
What do you do when friends are grieving over the loss of a loved one?

I tend to feel at a loss for words….so I bake.

I baked cupcakes, I baked pumpkin cookies and I baked a dulce de leche cheesecake.

I put love into every bite and I hope that my friends feel nourished and comforted….

…And feel the sentiments that I am only able to convey with my humble gesture cast in flour, sugar and butter.

014 cupecakes PD

005 sweet potato cookies PD

017 Dulce de Leche PD


The Cupcake Nightlife!


Just when you thought there was nothing new in cupcakes! Red Velvet Lounge is opening in New York’s Lower East side.

The lounge will feature alcohol infused confections with specialty cocktails to compliment the dainty desserts!


Who doesn’t like Cupcakes!?

Bourdain-Anthony-3 pantry diaries

There is little that Anthony Bourdain and David Chang can do to offend me. Yes they behave as precocius, impudent little boys but their skills and sex appeal make their naughtiness practically charming!

The “boys” were interviewed at the New York Wine & Food Festival panel October 9th and had some raucous comments to some fairly innocent questions from Grub Street New York.

Check this out for a chuckle!



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