Jonathan Safran Foer on Ellen

Here is a fantastic conversation about Eating Animals and the way Americans feed!


This Is Why You’re Fat!

this is why you're fat McNuggetini

The McNuggetini from the book This Is Why You’re Fat introduces us to a new low of debaucherous gluttoney!
How far will we go until someone says enough?


Eating Animals

eating animals PD

Natalie Portman has written a thoughtful and provacative response to Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book, Eating Animals.

The Huffington Post will be featuring a wide range of reviews on the book and hopes to start a national conversation of the global impact factory farming has on us all.

From pollution to disease, carnivorous activity threatens the food supply and the sustainability of our planet.


Food for Thought, a review of An Edible History of Humanity

An Edible History of Humanity edit

An Edible History of Humanity
Tom Standage
Walker Publishing Company, Inc., New York 2009

Tom Standage’s book is an entertaining account of the social, political and biological impact that food has had on civilization. Our day to day consumption of food may have numbed us to the huge implications that food has on the global economy, however, great civilizations have risen and been brought to their knees through the control of food.

From hunter gatherers to farmers, we are the consumers of genetic mutations. These mutations helped to drive the direction of emerging societies and would later define the limits of growth and power. Science and nature have become entangled in an unbreakable union that leaves us questioning where one begins and the other ends.

Standage’s research has led to the determination that farming is profoundly unnatural and has had a greater impact on the environment than any another other human activity. Food production has led to specialization within societies, and has created wealth and power. Our alliance with food is undeniable; our survival without it is impossible.

His research is enlightening and thorough and filled with examples from around the world and throughout history of the gigantic impact that food has had on the human race. As the instigator of exploration, spices have been the Siren’s call to man’s wanderlust and search for adventure. Sugar, wheat, potatoes, and rice have defined our times.

An Edible History of Humanity is part of the ethical debate in the dialogue which faces civilization today. We are still players on the continuum in the struggle to find a balance between humans and resources. It will be the most profound challenge facing mankind.


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