Steamed Mussels and Salmon with Noodles and Cold Beers!

003stonemad mussels PD

Stone Mad Irish Pub in Cleveland Ohio was the hot spot as we sipped on ice cold beers and enjoyed the steamed mussels in a rich broth with onions and red peppers.

Sunny skies gave way to a cool crisp night as the sun went down on the stone extravaganza that is Stone Mad.

007stonemad mussels PD

The rich woods and carved stone create an ambiance that will have you thinking you are in the heart of the Irish countryside.

005stonemad ussels and beers PD

The mussels are classic and great with beer.

The salmon and noodles was one of Chef Michael Fadel’s specials and was very good and easily shared by two.

019stonemad sa
lmon PD

Romantic and cozy; this is a great date spot and will be even better come summer.

The gorgeous stone patio with fireplace and quixotic atmosphere beckons.

018salmon stonemad PD


Meatless Monday! Pizza Night!

034Meatless Monday tomato and basil pizza PD

Meatless Monday! Was Pizza Night for us this week.

The girls were in charge.

I picked up dough at my favorite pizza spot; $3.50 for one large dough which makes a 17 inch pizza. That is a great value and a tremendous time saver. Plus, you know that it will be perfect every time.

We made tomato and basil, shiitake and spinach, pesto and pine nut, and a red sauce and cheese.

For the shiitake and spinach I sautéed the mushrooms and spinach in olive oil before adding them to the pizza. For the base I spread parmesan, garlic and olive oil cream sauce spread which I made beforehand then topped it off with shredded mozzarella cheese. Delish!

The tomato, basil and mozzarella pizza was fantastic! After preparing the dough we coated the top with a drizzle of olive oil then laid on the veggies…..this one was best; Belle’s creation! Gorgeous!

Homemade pesto, a few pine nuts and mozzarella made a great light pizza which was great with the Blue Moon Belgian wheat beer.

This is not only Meatless Monday! But family night and Pizzalicious!

001Meatless Monday Pizza PD

005Meatless Monday Pizza PD

007spinach and shiitake meatless monday pizza PD

012Meatless Monday pesto pizza PD

020Shiitake and spinach pizza PD

021Tomato and basil pizza PD

026Meatless Monday Tomato Basil and cheese pizza PD

032Meatless Monday Blue Moon PD

034Meatless Monday tomato and basil pizza PD

036 shiitake and spinach meatless monday PD

038Pesto pine nut and cheese pizza Meatless Monday PD


Remembering the Flavors of Life

wallys_mayberry_ccbs-thumb-260x260-16373 Ebert PD

Roger Ebert waxes poetic about the beauty of fellowship and community which surrounds food.

He reminisces about the flavors and textures that he misses most since he has lost his ability to eat and drink.

Nostalgia stirs the memory of childhood pleasures and eating in diners.

Nil by Mouth brings a fresh look at why we love food.


I Love Lilly’s!

chocolates and beers PD

This is my new favorite place to be.

lillys PD

Leave it to my bff M to make a fantastic discovery. Still shopping for furniture, which is fine with me because it leads to so much fun and mischief!

Lilly’s offers a superior selection of wine, beer and liquors. The specialty chocolates are amazing and made by hand at Lilly’s.

lilly's PD

They offer pairings of beers and chocolates including Lambic Framboise with raspberry dark chocolate and Hitachino Nest West Ginger beer with peanut butter, kaffir, lime leaves, srirancha, white chocolate.


Truly sophisticated and fashion forward, Lilly’s is a true gem in Tremont and everywhere!


Order on line and treat yourself to something extraordinary.


Now this is time well spent!

rosemary fries in duck fat bar cento PD

Potatoes fried in Duck fat with garlic and rosemary. These are quite possibly the best French fries ever.

bar cento fries in duck fat PD

These fries are hardy food. They come with spicy mayo dipping sauces and stand alone with rich Cabernets or Belgian wheats.

bar cento fries in duck fat with sauces PD

Be forewarned; these fries are addictive and will leave you craving more, every time!

The wine and beer list at Bar Cento in Cleveland, OH is excellent and is rivaled by few.

Come for the fries and beer and stay for an inspired menu of ecclectic, innovative comfort food with a sophistcated twist.


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