Double Baked Chocolate Brownie, caramelized bananas, Calicchia honey ice cream at Dante’s in Cleveland!

1147brownie at Dantes

This wonderful dessert at Dante’s in Cleveland, Ohio was perfect after a early evening dinner on crisp Spring day.

The coffee at Dante’s is also some of the best ever.

Here’s a photo of the Double Baked Chocolate Brownie, caramelized bananas, Calicchia honey ice cream.

1145brownie at dantes

The polenta is amazing.

I don’t have any photos but I have to say that the polenta is creamy and perfect.

We had the wild mushroom and goat cheese polenta. So Delish!

Also, Sushi for happy hour is a must.

Dante Boccuzzi makes sushi like no one else in town!

I’ll have more on Dante soon. He is truly amazing and a true gem in Cleveland.


Kale, Berry, Banana Smoothie!

003kale berry banana smoothie PD

I started my day with a brisk early morning walk in sunny, crisp air.

What a great way to begin, reflect and feel renewed.

Only a clean, beautiful elixir would do after so much spiritual rejuvination…

This may not be the prettiest thing that I’ve ever made but it may the healthiest!

There are times in your life when you just need to nurture yourself; feed your soul and treat yourself like your own best friend.

009kale berry banana smothie PD

This is one of those times for me.

It is not about eliminating anything. It’s about adding; adding love to everything.

011kale berry banana soothie PD

1 Bunch Kale

1 Ripe Banana

2 cups Mixed Berries

2 Cups Water

017kale berry banana smoothie PD

These are the ingredients to a wholesome nourishing cocktail to fuel your day!

020kale berry banana smoothie PD

This was REALLY good! The first sip was a little harsh, but it got better and better till the very end.


An Afternoon in Gay Paris at Petit Triangle Café

petit triangle pantry diaries 1

It’s a warm sunny day in October and I am sitting at a sidewalk café with my bff M. having coffee and crepes.

This area of town is one of those,” up and coming” neighborhoods which has been going through the gentrification process for as long as I can remember. And quite frankly, I like that it is still rough around the edges and not too tidy or crowded with the stroller set.

It’s a rare opportunity in the Midwest to dine outside in October and the mood was festive. The couple behind us was drinking Champagne in the middle of the afternoon. I felt practically continental!

This place is very small and definitely has a European flair. The crepes are their signature dish and they come both in sweet and savory varieties. I must say that the dessert crepes take the prize.

We had café ole and a Nutella, banana, peanut butter crepe! Need I say more?
petit triangle pantry diaries 4


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