Eating Low Calorie Foods Offer the Best Chance for Achieving and Maintaining Weightloss!

Low calorie nutition is the goal we’re all striving towards.

Having a network of support and good information helps to make these goals reachable.

Resources like WeightLoss for All offer a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your personal best by choosing the best low calorie foods.


When youíre trying to lose weight, arranging a low calorie meal plan is pretty important. You can work out all day and night, but if youíre taking in more calories and fat than your body needs to maintain itself, youíre only going to gain weight in the long run. Still, you gotta eat, so itís all about developing a diet of low calorie foods.

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Meat, a Perscription for Suffering!

I came across this video by accident.

While it is a clever spoof on dreadful pharmaceutical commercials it is also poignantly true.


Lunch at Abigail’s in Ravinia Illinois!


Lunch at Abigail’s in Ravinia, Ill was a treat on a cold but sunny day.


Nicoise salad is the best ever with slices of rare seared tuna.


Olives, capers and tender greens served room temperature….so important!


The grilled shrimp salad was the special that day and was delicious with horseradish dressing.


More crispy greens!


Someone had to order the chicken sandwich with basil alioli and fresh tomato jam!


Crispy flatbread with hard pungent cheeses was light and tasty!



“Moondance”! There’s Nothing Better Than Creativity in Action!


Beautiful Cheeses at The Truffle Pig in Steamboat Springs Colorado!

214truffle pig cheese plate

Dried fruit, artisanal cheeses, fig compote and candied walnuts make up this cheese plate at The Truffle Pig.

209truffle pig Steamboat Springs co

I had a great view of the ski lift and the mountain where snow boarders and skiers came crashing into new snow!

220truffle pig cheese plate

There was a lovely selection of goat, sheep and cow cheeses.

The First Snow was a local sheep cheese; mild yet piquant and delicious with fruits.

223truffle pig cheese plate

All theese great cheeses and beautiful fruits yet the bread was less than mediocre.

A hardier nutty bread would have been nice.

227truffle pig cheese plate

An afternoon of wine and cheese? No problem!

231truffle pig cheese plate


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