Home improvement sales are booming – time to redo that kitchen!

We’ve been in a very long rut regarding home sales, as home values plummeted with the recession and the mortgage crisis. In some parts of the country home values and sales are increasing, while other areas like Las Vegas remain stagnant.

There is a boom, however, in home improvement spending as sales from stores like Home Depot, hardware stores and furniture stores are going through the roof. This probably reflects the fact that many families have given up on the idea of trading up for a bigger house, as that’s much more difficult in this part of the cycle. Also, with mortgage rates so ridiculously low, more people are refinancing, and often that also frees up cash for home improvement purchases.

So if you’re looking to finally upgrade that kitchen or redecorate some rooms, now might be a great time. You can do big things like putting in new cabinets or new counters, or you can make more modest changes by picking out a new piece of furniture or hanging art on the walls with new picture frames.

Everyone loves a refreshed home, so think about what works best for you!


Carmelina’s in Little Italy Boston, MA!

Carmelina’s in Boston’s North End was an absolute treat after spending a sunny Saturday afternoon moving my “little Freshman” into her college dorm!

Checking out the menu in silence!

Little Italy in Boston’s North End

Ready for lunch.

Thanks Dad!

Mussels in White Wine

Wild Mushroom Rissotto.

More Rissotto

Japanese Eggplant

Warm Crusty Bread.

Table of food.

Catch of the day on Broccoli Rabe.

Rissotto with Seafood.

More “fruits of the sea”

Angel Hair Pasta

Arugula with shaved Parmesan.

Gorgeous Salad!

Tuna with Fusilli.

Yummy 1

Yummy 2


Every Last….


This meal was delicious and it was the perfect time of day to consume copious calories.

Believe it or not, not long after this meal we walked down the street to the Caffe Paradiso for the world’s best ( no hyperbole ) tiramisu and coffee.

As close to an authentic Italian experience as one could find on this side of the Atlantic.

An emotional weekend fueled by olive oil and mascarpone cheese, you can be sure that I will be visiting often for many reasons!


Chronic Poison! Dwarf Wheat Is The Devil!

I don’t know how much more we need to know about this crudely genetically modified grain before we all stop consuming it.

It is linked to a myriad of health problems and is addictive to boot.

From Type 2 Diabetes to metabolic syndrome, this dwarf wheat has been blamed for many of the chronic ills of society.

This is not the wheat of your grandmother.

Created 50 years ago this new wheat has double the genetic information as the original Einkorn variety eaten for millennia without problems.


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