How Modern Agriculture Is Sickening Everything

This video offers the recipe for a health disaster which the whole planet is facing.

You really couldn’t plan a better way to do damage and create disease if that was your actual intention.


Best/Worst Foods for Car Travel

Getting ready to embark on a family road trip can take a lot of planning, even when it comes to what you should eat while on the road. According to, nourishment is a an essential part of a successful road trip. You probably have limited space because of luggage, and you can’t exactly chow down on a plate of fettuccine alfredo without it being a pretty high-maintenance meal.

So aside from the obvious — eating anything that will make a mess or needs plates, several utensils, etc. — what are the foods to avoid while on the road? When taking these things into consideration, what are the best foods to take along on your trip? Here are some ideas.

Best Car Food

Grapes and raisins

When the chef of the restaurant Motor was asked by Epicurious which foods were best for car snacks, raisins and grapes were two of his recommendations. Raisins are already packaged into individual boxes, so the portion control is easy. Worst-case scenario is that a few raisins fall to the floor, but that makes for an easy cleanup. Grapes, however, are his favorite car snack — you can rinse them off, cut them into smaller bunches, and group them in Ziploc bags. Can’t get much easier than that!

Worst Car Food


Picking up a pizza is easy, and wolfing it down is delicious, but think about the last time you ate pizza; can you remember the cheese and toppings sliding off the crust and onto your chin and potentially the table and floor? It’s certainly possible to eat pizza with one hand, but the mess factor is too much of a risk, especially with how much grease will end up all over you and your children’s faces. This all goes double if you’re driving (and is very dangerous!)

Sugary, dyed food

People debate about whether sugary food makes kids hyper. However, some studies show that food dye in foods can increase hyperactivity in children. While sugar might not be the cause, don’t take the risk if that’s your hunch. Having hyper kids in the backseat of your car while driving will not only cause them to be restless, it could also distract you.


When you’re deciding what to bring in the car for a trip, think about factors like whether the food is healthy, will upset your stomach, or will cause a huge mess in your vehicle that you’ll have to clean up later. Don’t let the food you choose cause you any stress or distraction!


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