Happy Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday if you’re into trying new recipes. Everyone is familiar with pumpkin pie, but here are all kinds of pumpkin recipes out there. If you visit your local grocery store, you’re bound to see some Halloween treats made with pumpkin being promoted, and the brochure printing operations are busy this time of year putting together promotional materials for various recipes.

That said, the traditional pumpkin pie is an old favorite that everyone loves, so you can’t go wrong making it. You can always experiment by altering your favorite recipe, but sometimes it’s great to go back to old standards. Just keep working on perfecting what you already love!


Halloween Party Food

Halloween is upon us, and it’s time to put the finishing touches on your party plans. If you’re looking for tasty, spooky treats for your guests, use the following recipes to make your Halloween party one they’ll never forget! If you are looking for more ideas for your Halloween soiree, do a search of Halloween recipes on Recipe Finder for inspiration and how-to’s. Enjoy!

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Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Bread; For Lack of a Better Name!

It’s not really bread.

It’s dough from my favorite pizza place spread with veggies and cheese and egg.

I happened to have these items in the fridge.

I sauteed the spinach and mushrooms with some crushed garlic and olive oil.

While the bread is raising let the sautee mixture cool and whisk together two eggs; reserve 2 TBSPN to brush on the loaf after you roll it.

Spread the mixture evenly being sure to go all the way to the ends.

Roll the loaf and cover with the egg wash.

Some of the mixture may seep out, try to contain it.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until deep goden brown.

I tried to get photos of the finished product but this was devoured in minutes.

It is great for kids lunches, a travel meal or anytime you want a filling, satisfying treat; hot or cold.

Warm this up sliced in the oven like toast and the edges get crispy. Just delicious!


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