Double Baked Chocolate Brownie, caramelized bananas, Calicchia honey ice cream at Dante’s in Cleveland!

1147brownie at Dantes

This wonderful dessert at Dante’s in Cleveland, Ohio was perfect after a early evening dinner on crisp Spring day.

The coffee at Dante’s is also some of the best ever.

Here’s a photo of the Double Baked Chocolate Brownie, caramelized bananas, Calicchia honey ice cream.

1145brownie at dantes

The polenta is amazing.

I don’t have any photos but I have to say that the polenta is creamy and perfect.

We had the wild mushroom and goat cheese polenta. So Delish!

Also, Sushi for happy hour is a must.

Dante Boccuzzi makes sushi like no one else in town!

I’ll have more on Dante soon. He is truly amazing and a true gem in Cleveland.

Dinner and Drinks at Sugarcane in Miami!

335yellow mango cocktail at sugarcane
“Spice of Love”, fresh jalape˝o, passion fruit syrup, mango essence, Svedka, Cointreau.

Sugarcane in Miami is simply beautiful!

The plantation style decor and the outdoor patio dining area are absolutely amazing.

But I have to say that the food was disappointing.

Items were undercooked, bland or simply less than interesting.

Or, even worse, the dishes were too fussy with too many ingredients.

329hibiscus cocktail

“Hibiscus Blossom”, citrus essence, native mint, hibiscus infused cachaša.

I do, however, have no complaints about the cocktails!

These lovely concoctions were fresh and tasty!

Mint, mango, cucumber and spices were perfectly combined to create delicious libations of heavenly proportions!

327green cocktail at sugarcane

“Eden”, japanese cucumber juice, fresh cilantro, Herradura Tequila, aromatic celery bitters.

325peppers at sugarcane

Roasted Peppers.

These peppers were actually quite good.

411duck confit with waffle at sugarcane

Duck Confit with Waffle.

405grilled sweetpotato at sugarcane

Grilled Sweet potato with Maple and Soy.

397cauliflower at sugarcane


384squid at sugarcane

Grilled Octopus.

361octopuss and watercress at sugarcane

Pan Seared Squid.

350fried goatcheese at sugarcane

Goat Cheese Croquettes.

344broccoli rab at sugarcane

Broccoli Rab.

This was another favorite.

340fish with papaya at sugarcane

Crudo with Papaya.

433ricotta cheesecake with nutmeg icecream at sugarcane

Ricotta Cheesecake with Nutmeg Ice Cream.

430ricotta cheesecake at sugarcane

This ricotta cheese cake was, also, very good and I learned something.

This cake was smooth and creamy.

The cakes which I have made in the past were always a bit dry and lumpy.

This one was wonderful and I am going to try to make it myself!

Spinach Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Basil Pesto!

015spinach fettucine with mushrooms and parmesan cheese

Spinach fettuccine with sauteed baby portobello mushrooms, pesto and shaved parmesan makes a great meatless, filling and nutritious meal.


Along with this beautiful salad of fresh yellow peppers and avocados our vegetarian meal satisfies everyone.

Annie’s Green Goddess dressing makes this salad heaven!

007green goddess dressing

Boil spinach fettuccine, al dente.

008spinach fettucine

Sautee the mushrooms with olive oil and garlic slices.


And mix in your favorites. I love basil pesto which I make myself.

I make it vegan and fresh!

026spinach and mushroom fettucine

Shaved parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil make this fantastic!

Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps and Beautiful Cheeses with Friends!

313cheese and crackers

What is better than cheese and crackers with friends on a sunny afternoon?

307afternoon snacks

Fruits and olives, beautiful cheeses and fresh whole grain bread and crackers take this afternoon snack to a whole new level!

308afternoon snacks

Fresh ripe papaya taste like honey and sunshine!

303cheese and crackers

These crackers are melt in your mouth fantastic. So much flavor in wholesome ingredients makes this guilt-free snacking at it’s best.

296afternoon snack

Lesley Stowe, Raincoast Crisps are my new favorite cracker!

These are unique, delicisious and worth the trouble to find!

302cheese and crackers

These photos with the sun streaming in bring back memories of great conversation and joy with friends.

301cheese and crackers

Fine dining does not have to be complicated.

Some of my finest culinary moments have been born of the simplest ingredients!

312cheese and crackers

Don’t forget to put the love into it to get the most of your food and friends!

Grilled Ciabatta with Veggies, Avocado and Fresh Mozzarella Quite Possibly the Best Sandwich Ever!


It all starts with the bread.

With bread this amazing you really can’t make a bad sandwich.

032grilled cibatta bread

Ciabatta sliced in half and drizzeled with olive oil is placed under the broiler until golden.

009frozen veggies

I opened up a bag of frozen veggies and sauteed until soft.


The secret sauce makes this fantastic!


We discovered this at our favorite restaurant in town and the waitress was gracious enough to share the recipe with us!

017spicy mayo

And now we eat it on everything!


Avocado makes this creamy and delicious

028ciabatta bread

The ciabatta bread is mana from heaven!

029ciabatta bread

Toast it just right with lots of good olive oil.

Add some balsamic vinegar.

034fresh mozz slices

I loaded this sandwich with fresh mozzarella….

040veggies on sandwich

Lots of veggies…..


The secret sauce…..

051sandwich with sauce

And lots of love!

054one big sandwich


Dinner and Cocktails at Wish in South Beach Miami!

161Wish Charger

WISH at The Hotel
801 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida

A recipient of the Mobil Travel Guide Four-Star Award 2001-2009, The Hotel’s romantic indoor/outdoor restaurant, Wish, also boasts a prestigious AAA Four Diamond rating.

Wish’s interior dÚcor by fashion designer Todd Oldham is both exotic and cozy, while the exterior boasts a magical, tropical garden setting that is without a doubt, one of the most romantic al fresco dining areas in South Florida. The “Inner Garden” also evokes the lush outdoors with lush, tropical plants surrounding a delightfully intimate indoor dining area.

The Spire Bar & Lounge is an exquisite Miami setting for pre- or after-dinner drinks. Hotel guests, as well as visitors to Wish are invited to this rooftop setting to take in the memorable ocean and city views, the perfect backdrop for a round of neon-colored electronic cocktails, Wish’s signature drink. Open Thursday – Sunday, the lounge also offers a special menu of Wish dishes.

159Wish Menu 2

Glow in the dark menus are not only novel but completely practical!

172Wish centerpiece

We wined and dined like royalty on a long weekend in Miami “Sex and the City” style!

The four of us gathered to celebrate Lizzette’s birthday…and we did so like rock stars!

The atmoshere is amazing and the meal was impeccable.

157wish menu

Our favorite foodie ordered for us and did a superb job!

Dining under the stars was a treat beyond belief for winter weary Mid-Westerners!

wish server

Our server was not only gorgeous but also knowledgable and complicit in our efforts to surprise Lizzette with champagne and desserts!

186glow in the dark Martini at Wish

Glow in the dark cocktails! Need I say more?!

wish lizzette cocktail

The birthday girl with her birthday cocktail!

213black bean avocado spread wish

Black Bean and avocado spread.

233saladat Wish

Watercress, Mint, Fresno Chili, Garlic, Parmesan Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette

234Wish fish app

Pickled Peppadew Peppers, Pineapple, Charred Scallions, Crispy Cardamom Couscous

237shrimp and mussels at Wish

Vannamei Shrimp, Mussels, Cockles, Calamari, White Corn Polenta, Tomato Salsa, Oregano

240salad at Wish

Endive, Radish, Cucumber, Cashews, Ginger-Lime Dressing

246lobster tails at wish

Locally Grown Pea Tendrils, Basil, Garlic, Ginger, Dried Finger Chilies, Lemon?Coriander Crema, Pineapple-Jicama Salsa

249fish and noodles at Wish

Napa Cabbage, Rice Noodles, Fresno Chile, Shitake Mushrooms, Cilantro, Scallions, Macerated Limes

266edemame and sweet potato

Edamame-Sweet Potato Hash

Wish lizzette dessert

A plate full of desserts…..ALL of them!

291desserts at Wish

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